Harmonia Hotels Group

Harmonia Hotels Group includes five hotels with 3- and 4-star qualities and provides goods and services according to our clients’ specific requests, and offers. Our hotel provides excellent services such as, buffet dining and a la carte restaurant, room services, conference rooms, swimming pool and beach areas and many more other amenities.


Harmonia Hotels Group was built in 29.04.2011.This enterprise came to life by the will of its founders who are among the main professional contributors of the tourism sector in Albania especially during the last decade. Except the high-quality goods and services, the will to achieve better results every day, has made Harmonia Hotels Group a benchmark for the sustainable tourism development in Albania and one of the best destinations for tourists from all over the world. The Group regularly receives international recognition and awards for quality management and professional service hospitality.

Philosophy and Goals

Our philosophy is to invest in the future and since we have started operating, we followed this rule religiously on every step we have taken. With the client into focus, Harmonia Hotels Group develops continuously to achieve not simply guest satisfaction mainly to exceed all expectations. The staff is continuously trained to achieve our leading goal: become the Brand of Hospitality in Albania.

Our desire is to finally create in the country, an experience which would promote the real values of Albania. Personalized service and traditional Albanian warm hospitality guide our personnel at all times. Every day is a new challenge for improvement of guest treatment and service.

Corporate culture and image

Our people, supported by our culture, enable us to be among the best places to work in the business. By remaining true to the fundamentals of Albanian hospitality, we provide award-winning experiences for every one of our guests.

Our social and community image.

We provide a responsible tourism by maximizing social benefits and creating employment opportunities to our local community. We have evolved as a significant regional employer investing large amounts to our most valued asset: our employees. We give back to our community through involvement in job programs, trainings, and also as a supportive company of vocational schools in the tourism field.


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